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My name is Jayne Chapman, I moved to Hamilton Ontario, from the UK just over 12 years ago with my                                          family. This is where my Healing Journey began............. 


Finding Reiki was the first step, I have been practising Reiki since 2012.

Reiki is one of the worlds ancient healing methods know to mankind. Reiki is a form of spiritual healing using "Universal Life Energy". It is a wonderful calming treatment that brings your body, mind and soul into balance. 

Reflexology was always on my list of things to learn, It has always fascinated me how our whole being is connected through our feet and hands. 

Reflexology stimulates the body's natural electrical energy, bringing the body into a relaxed state. It enhances your circulation, and normalizes your metabolism naturally. 


I have always wanted to become a Yoga Instructor and this year I finally completed my dream! I qualified in June 2018. I have been practicing yoga for over 20yrs. I just love how it makes you feel. Just sitting on your mat can help you to destress! I specialize in restorative yoga.


Restorative yoga helps balance you physically and mentally helping to prevent stress and anxiety. Through the use of props that allow you to hold poses longer, giving you all the benefits of deep, passive stretching. A regular restorative yoga practice helps to improve your immune system, brings your body into a state that allows it to renew and rejuvenate. Try this beautiful yoga practise your body, mind & soul will thank you. 


The Peace clients receive from all 3 treatments is unbelievable, stress melts away and the body goes into a total state of relaxation, leaving them with a lovely feeling of unconditional love, a greater energy and pain relief. 

My love of all these treatments bring so much peace and happiness to me, I love helping people to feel calm and balanced.

Love and Light 

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